The smell of lavender will help you relax.  Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing herb and is used for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and natural stress relief.  I was even reading this week about all the health benefits.  I have not tried lavender for health reason, but I do know it helps with you [...]

When making sugar scrubs I normally use essential oils, this time I used Coconut Extract or flavoring.   I wanted to make a coconut sugar scrub, but could not find a coconut essential oil, so I tried coconut flavoring.  This Coconut Sugar Scrub maybe my favorite scrub.  One disadvantage to using flavorings is you have to use [...]

Last Christmas season was my first time making this recipe.  A Recipes for our Daily Bread blog follower, Nadine B. from Okalahoma, sent me a recipe for these White Chocolate Candy Clusters.  This sweet and salty combination got my attention.  I had to try making them.  Nadine told me when she made these treats everyone tries hard to [...]

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.  Christmas is the perfect time to realize how much we are blessed.  I am truly thankful for all the friends I have made this past year blogging.  You all are the best!  Thank you for stopping by each week and linking up at Wonderful Wednesday blog hop. [...]

Baby, It's COLD Outside! Do you need an easy and delicious recipe to help you warm up this week?  Maybe an easy slow cooker recipe?  How about a warm bowl of soup?   When it is cold outside, there is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup.  This list of soups includes some of [...]