These Joseph Joseph mixing bowls include a 4 piece mixing bowl set with an egg yolk separate which attaches to each bowl. I do love the Non-Slip bottoms on this four piece set of mixing bowls.  You will never have to chase these bowls all over the counter while mixing with your handheld mixer or even [...]

This post is the legend told about how the candy cane was invented.  I have heard several versions of who invented the candy cane, but the symbols for the parts of the candy cane are always the same.   A candy maker who loved Jesus for many years came up with the idea of making the candy cane [...]

Happy December, everybody! We had some amazing posts shared last week, many of which featured a holiday theme. And active participation was HUGE! There were 300+ MORE clicks than usual. 725 at last count. Wow!!!! All I can say is, "keep up the good work."  :)  And let me give you some encouragement. You don't [...]

This Mexican Cornbread goes great with Tex-Mex dishes.  Try it with Chicken Tortilla soup, chili, enchiladas, or even a simple taco ring.  I used my basic buttermilk cornbread recipe and left out the buttermilk but added a can of corn, Mexican cheese and some salsa.  It is really moist and delicious. In 2011, I read that Little Rock, AR along with South [...]

They enjoyed eating this soup so much they never said anything about all the vegetables.  It is full of flavor without being too spicy which makes it a good recipe to hide lots of vegetables.  Today, I still use my grater and shred two medium zucchini to add to my Chicken Tortilla Soup.  This soup [...]