Christmas Candy

Last Christmas season was my first time making this recipe.  A Recipes for our Daily Bread blog follower, Nadine B. from Okalahoma, sent me a recipe for these White Chocolate Candy Clusters.  This sweet and salty combination got my attention.  I had to try making them.  Nadine told me when she made these treats everyone tries hard to [...]

   I just had to try this recipe because Al Rocker was making such a fuss over it.  When I saw the ingredients and saw how simple it was to make, I could not resist seeing if it was as good as they said it was.  The butter, brown sugar, and pecans are a basic [...]

Lately, I have made several super easy candy recipes for the holidays including these White Chocolate Pretzel Krispies.   This is another great sweet and salty treat.  I have had this recipe since my kids were little over 15 years ago.  They have always been an easy treat for school parties.  You just melt a bag [...]

This White Chocolate Candy Clusters with Pringles is another delicious easy candy recipe from Nadine B. from Okalahoma.  Nadine is a follower of Recipes for our Daily Bread.  As I mentioned in my Microwave Peanut Brittle recipe, Nadine is retired after 50 years with Oral Roberts University.  She was known as "Flying Fingers" for typing [...]

Christmas is a time when we splurge a little on Candy & Cookies.  It would not be Christmas without all the special treats that we eat during the holiday's.  I decided to make this list below because I have been thinking about what I am going to treat my family and friends with this year. [...]