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Over the past three years, I have met so many friends through blogging.  I have had several questions over the years about Recipes for our Daily Bread and my family, so I decided to answer some questions today for everyone.  Other people may have the same questions, but have never had time to leave me a [...]

I now live in Arkansas and truly miss the delicious famous One-Handed BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy's and Garlic Butter Fries from New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood.  I have tried to make garlic fries myself, but they never tasted as good.  I cut my potatoes up.  Rubbed them down with oil, salt, pepper, and Cajun seasoning and baked them 450 [...]

There are other places to get a good Burger in Branson, but you cannot beat the meat at Billy Bob's.  Each patty is 1/2 pound of deliciousness.  I think Billy Bob's secret is not only the huge fresh meat on their burger but cooking the burger on their well seasoned flat top griddle.  You will [...]

Everyone has their favorite Chili recipe.  I like this recipe because my kids say this Chili is kid friendly.  Sometimes, if I make Chili too spicy or put chunks of tomato or bell pepper in it, some of my kids will pick them out.  I often double this recipe to be able to have plenty of leftovers.  You can serve it [...] If you are looking for great country cooking, you have to try Sue's Kitchen.  Sue's is located in downtown Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Sue's son owns and runs the restaurant but you can still find Sue working in the restaurant on most days.  The restaurant does lots of catering including weddings.  They also have entire meals that [...]