Slow cooker

They enjoyed eating this soup so much they never said anything about all the vegetables.  It is full of flavor without being too spicy which makes it a good recipe to hide lots of vegetables.  Today, I still use my grater and shred two medium zucchini to add to my Chicken Tortilla Soup.  This soup [...]

It is made with milk, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and white chocolate chips.  This treat is not for counting calories.  It is for warming up and making special memories with your family.   [Tweet "Best Slow Cooker White Chocolate Hot Chocolate recipe. @recipesdlybread #hot chocolate#slow cooker #white hot chocolate"] When my youngest child was [...]

Tears flow from my eyes every time I hear Amazing Grace.  I truly enjoy this newer version by Chris Tomlin.  I always say I feel like a modern day June Cleaver from leave it to Beaver.  She always seemed to have dinner on the table with very little effort.  When my crock pot dinner is ready [...]

To me, Sunday's are for giving praise to God, spending time with your family, resting, and maybe catching up with some things you may not have had a chance to do. I like doing a RoundUp post on Sundays for people who do not have time to read my post during the week.  I notice [...]

Have you ever tried to fix a pizza in your slow cooker/Crock-Pot?  I think slow cookers just make life a little easier.  You just add everything to the slow cooker and forget it until dinner is served.  I have made several slow cooker pizzas lately.   Each slow cooker pizza I have made has been [...]